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Come to Krakow

The majority of visitors to Krakow will enter the Old Town for the first time through Florian's Gate at the beginning of Florianska Street. You will be instantly greeted with the spectacular view of the majestic towers of the Mariacki Church. You will arrive at the Main Market Square on its north-eastern corner, and the vastness of this great square will no doubt astound you. Day and night the square is buzzing with activity - musicians, street performers, street vendors and countless people soaking up the atmosphere. Dating back to the 13th century, the Krakow Rynek Glowny is the largest medieval town square in Europe.

Hear half a hymn

You may wonder at the trumpet call which is played 4 times, on the hour, every hour, from the top of the Mariacki Church's higher tower. The tune is the Heynal, or Cracovian Hymn, and you may notice it stops rather abruptly. The tragic tale tells how during the Mongol Invasion of 1241, the guard at the top of the church, spotting the Tatar warriors, sounded the alarm - the Heynal. A sharp-shooter struck the trumpeter in the throat mid-tune. So as your wonder turns to dismay upon being woken by the 4am trumpet call - be thankful for the lack of Tatar warriors.

Head for 'the Head'

It's hard not to notice the big ugly head lying body-less near the south west corner of the Main Market Square. You might think that such an audacious sculpture would have an interesting story behind it. In 2003 a work by the Polish sculptor Igor Mitoraj was displayed as part of an exhibition on the Main Market Square. Eros Bendato (Eros Bound) remains to this day, other body parts are dotted in various other cities around Europe..

Beware the Wawel Dragon

The oldest part of Krakow, Wawel Hill, is home to the monumental Wawel Castle. The Gothic castle was built in the 14th century and served as the royal residence while Krakow was capital of Poland, until 1596. The Wawel Cathedral has seen the coronation of almost all Polish monarchs. Wawel Hill provides spectacular views of the Vistula River and much of the city. The Wawel Dragon retains an important part in Krakow folklore. Rumoured to have terrorised the local populous until finally defeated by a lowly shepherd. The fire-breathing statue by the river outside the dragon's den reminds of darker times.

Visit a different world in Kazimierz

The district of Kazimierz was an island within the Vistula River, and was home to a Jewish community from the 14th century. The "Jewish island" ceased to be an island at the end of the 19th century when part of the river was filled in, and lost the majority of its Jewish population in World War II. In recent years the district has been radically transformed into one of Krakow's most vibrant cultural centres, with an abundance of atmospheric cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs. And of course there are synagogues, the oldest of which date back to the 15th century.

Disappear underground in Wieliczka

Until just a few years ago this enomous salt mine had been continuously providing salt since the 13th century. With a depth of over 300m and stretching for more than 300km the dimensions of the mine are staggering. The real wonders of the mine however are found within the 3.5km tourist route (covering less than 1% of the length of the mine). Known as the Underground Salt Cathedral of Poland, the Wieliczka Salt Mine includes statues of famous historic figures, chandeliers, and even an underground chapel - all sculptured out of salt!

Climb a mountain

Kopiec Kosciuszki (Kosciuszko Mound) is based on the old mounds (or tumuluses) of Wanda and Krakus. Unlike these mounds however Kosciuszko is not buried beneath his hill (or even reputed to be buried there), rather Kopiec Kosciuszki was built by Cracovians in commemoration of the Polish military leader. Standing between the Wolski Wood and Krakow Old Town the mound provides one of the best views available in Krakow.

Move off the tourist trail to Nowa Huta

A district with the name the New Steel Mill might not appeal to many tourists. And this name is not a coincidence - the Vladimir Lenin Steelworks, opened in 1954, quickly became the largest steel mill in all of Poland. So why would anyone want to visit such an area (apart from steel lovers of course)? Nowa Huta began in 1949 as a separate city, and was intended as an ideal organ for the communist propaganda. Here, more so than anywhere else in Krakow you can see the effect of communism on Poland, how it should have worked and why it failed. Begin your exploration in Ronald Reagan Central Square (that's right!) - an entirely different world from the extravagant Main Market Square you will no doubt return to shortly!

Courtesy - Andrew McConnell

There are lots more things to see in the region, if you have any specific ideas or requests email us the details and we can make all arrangements for you.



Available Tours
Auschwitz & Salt Mine in a day

It may sound like a lot to fit into 1 day, but we make it extremely comfortable for you. An 8.00am collection from your hotel gets you to Auschwitz well before 10.00am so you can visit at your own pace without having to join a large guided group, you can watch the DVD 'The liberation of Auschwitz' during the journey, saving time at the museum. When you're ready we'll travel the short distance to Birkenau, where we will give you an extended guided tour. Then, if required, you can enjoy one of our packed lunches on the journey to the Wieliczka Salt Mine where you'll join an English speaking guide for the tour. Finally returning to your hotel for approximately 6.00pm

Prices from 300.00pln per person

Discounts available for large groups

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Approximately a 4hr tour including; hotel collection and drop off and entry in to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, all with an English speaking guide.

Prices from 160.00pln per person

Discounts available for large groups

Auschwitz Museum

Approximately a 6hr tour including; hotel collection and drop off and entry in to the Auschwitz museum, with an extended guided tour of the Birkenau camp.

Prices from 150.00pln per person

Discounts available for large groups

Mystery Tour

Approximately a 6hr drive and walk tour in the region surrounding Krakow, taking in a national park, castles, caves and the largest desert in Central Europe. Includes hotel collection and drop off, with an English speaking guide.

Prices from 200.00pln per person

Minimum 4 people

Airport Transfer

Airport transfers are always available. No surcharges for night, weekend or public holiday.

Prices from 100 zloty per car (upto 4 people)

Krakow Sights

A 3 hour walking tour with an English or English speaking guide. Showing you the best sights Krakow has to offer.

Prices from 25.00pln per person.

Schindlers Steps

A four hour walking tour, taking in Kazimierz, Podgorze, Schindlers Factory (visit only not museum entry), Liban Quarry (optional walk to site of Plaszow camp) with English speaking guide.

Prices from 25.00pln per person

City Tours

From a Half hour to a 2 Hour electric buggy tour of Old Town, Kazimierz & Podgorze, all the sights you could wish to see without the lengthy walk.

Prices from 40.00pln per person



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Krakow (Balice) & Katowice (Pyrzowice)

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